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Bugeaud Thomas-Robert

Bugeaud Thomas-Robert (1784—1849)

Thomas Robert Bugeaud de la Piconnerie, Duke of Isly, was a French national hero as a result of his role in conquering Algeria. Thomas Bugeaud was born in Limoges on Oct. 15, 1784, into a family of country squires who were later ruined by the Revolution of 1789. Growing up in rural France, he guarded his rustic manners and attachment to the land throughout his life. His education was cursory and prevented him from entering a military academy. Bugeaud's army career nevertheless began in 1804, and he quickly rose in the ranks during Napoleon's Imperial wars. He participated in the difficult Spanish campaigns, in which he encountered widespread guerrilla warfare and became the foremost expert in counterinsurgency techniques on the European continent. Later he applied these lessons against Abd el-Kadir. In 1831 Bugeaud was named marshal of the French army and also became the deputy from Dordogne. In 1834 he harshly repressed popular uprisings in Paris.

Algeria, 1950, Abd al-Kader and Marshal Bugeaud

France, 1944, Marshal Bugeaud

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