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Bonaparte Jerome

Bonaparte Jerome (1784—1860)

The wild one of the Bonaparte clan, Jerome began his military career in the navy and during a stop in America fell in love with an heiress, Elizabeth Patterson. Their marriage got Jerome offside with his brother Napoleon and the pair did not have any dealings for some time. In 1806, Jerome became a vice-admiral and repaired his relationship with the emperor, joining him as a divisional commander of the Bavarian forces in the Grande Armee. In 1807, he was made King of Westphalia and, after divorcing his first wife, married a Wurrtemburg princess. In the 1809 campaign along the Danube he was a corps commander and during the invasion of Russia in 1812 he controlled the right wing of the French army. His performance was poor and again he felt the emperor's wrath and was replaced. When the French were forced from Westphalia in 1813, Jerome returned to France. During the 100 Days' Campaign, Jerome again led French troops in the field at Waterloo and was responsible for the misguided, and costly, attacks on Hougoumont. Exiled for many years after Napoleon's final fall, he travelled Europe but was allowed to return in 1847. He held many high posts - including president of the Senate and becoming a marshal of France - and married one more time.

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