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Traugutt Romuald

Traugutt Romuald (1826—1864)

Romuald Traugutt was a Polish general and war hero, best known for commanding the Januar Uprising. From October 1863 to August 1864 he was dictator of insurrection. Before the uprising he was a Lt. Colonel in the Russian Empire's army. Take part in Crimean War and Defense of Sebastopol. He then resigned his commission and became leader of the rebel forces by October 1863. After the uprising, he was sentenced to death by the Russian regime and hanged near the Warsaw Citadel on 5 August 1864, aged 38, together with other rebel commanders. The Roman Catholic Church is considering his beatification due to his overwhelming devotion to God and his sacrifice for his homeland.

Poland, 1938, Romuald Traugut

Poland, 1944, Romuald Traugut

Poland, 1962, Romuald Traugut

Poland, 1963, Romuald Traugut


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