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Bem Józef Zachariasz

Bem Józef Zachariasz  (1794—1850)

Polish general and a national hero of Poland and Hungary. Józef Bem was a freedom fighter with a military reputation regarded not only in Poland, but other European countries as well. Just as Tadeusz Kościuszko (who fought in the American War of Independence) or Jan Henryk Dąbrowski (who fought alongside Napoleon Bonaparte in Italy... More...

Poland, 1928, Jozef Bem

Poland, 1948, Genrik Dembinski and Josef Bem

Poland, 1950, Jozef Bem and Battle at Piski

Poland, 1994, Josef Bem, gun

Poland, 1994.03.14, Tarnow. Jozef Bem

Poland, 1997.09.27, Warsaw. Jozef Bem

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