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Courbet Amédée Anatole Prosper

Courbet Amédée Anatole Prosper (1827—1885)

French admiral. Amedee Anatole Courbet was born in Abbeville in 1827. As a captain of 12 guns ship «l'Olivier», take part in Crimean war. He fought against the Pavillons-Noirs (Chinese pirates known as the He-Kis) in the bay of Along, in Shang-Hai, Hanoi, Sontay, Haiphong and Matson, where he was commander of theFrench fleet. He established the French protectorate in Annam (Vietnam) in 1883. Amiral Courbet died in Pescadores in 1885.

Indochine, 1943, Amédée Courbet

Indochine, 1945, Amédée Courbet


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