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Samoilovich (Самойлович, Sushchinsky) Danilo

Samoilovich (Самойлович, Sushchinsky) Danilo (1744—1805)

Samoilovich was one of the founders of epidemiology in Russia, and an active organizer and participant in the struggle against plague. He graduated from medical school at the Admiralty Hospital in St. Petersburg. From 1769 to 1771, Samoilovich served in the army during the Russian-Turkish war. In 1771, he worked in the effort to mitigate the consequences of a plague epidemic in Moscow. Starting in 1784, he became involved in the fighting plague epidemics in southern Russia. He was the first Russian scientist to provide a detailed description of the clinical development of plague. Samoilovich also developed a coherent system of anti-epidemiological measures to fight plague. He defended the right of students to publish medical dissertations in Russian (before it could only be done in Latin). Samoilovich was elected member of many foreign academies of sciences. He published several fundamental treatises on plague, which received a wide recognition, including Traactatus desectione symphyseos ossium pubis et partu caesareo (Lugduni Batavorum, 1780). The significance of Samoilovich’s scientific contributions and the continued relevance with which they are regarded can be judged from the fact that his Selected Works were published in two volumes in 1949-1952

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