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Stroganov (Строганов) Sergei Grigoriyevich

Stroganov (Строганов) Sergei Grigoriyevich (1794—1882)

Sergei Stroganov was the governor general of Moscow in 1859–1860. He founded Stroganov Moscow Arts and Industrial Institute in 1825. Count Stroganov was awarded three silver medals and numerous Russian and foreign decorations for daring and courage during the 1812 campaign, the Russo-Turkish war of 1828-1829 and Crimean war.

Count Stroganov's calling was "service in the interests of Russian enlightenment". In 1824 he opened at his own expense a School of Drawing, at which the children of craftsmen and workshop-owners could receive a free education. In 1843 this school became state-financed and came under the supervision of the Moscow Department of Manufacturing and Commercial Councils. From 1835 to 1847, Count Stroganov held the post of supervisor of the Moscow educational district, and in 1837 he became a member of the Commission for the Construction in Moscow of the Church of Christ the Saviour. In 1848 he was made an honorary member of Moscow University, and in 1857 he became chairman of the Society of History and Russian Antiquities.

Count Stroganov held the post of military governor-general of Moscow for less than five months, too short a time to carry through any significant changes. Nonetheless, city life did not stand still. Work was done to widen Myasnitskaya Street and repave the roads. In September 1859, Count Stroganov was appointed tutor to Tsarevich Nikolai Alexandrovich.

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