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The literature

The literature

Definition of criterions of including of the writer represented on a stamp, in my catalogue was a hard work. Main criterions appeared two:

1. Authorship of products of fiction. Thus, publicists, journalists and authors of scientific books were left in the basket of the catalogue. Exception became only for antique philosophers, whose works are monuments of the literature.

2. The minimal popularity in Russia, that means presence of the information on the writer on the Russian-speaking Internet. It is necessary to note, that at such approach than only 5 % of the persons named in catalogues by «writers» were eliminated . By the way, about the majority of them on the Internet there is no information not only in Russian, but also in English.

Outside of limits of my attention (at least now) there is a literature of a greater part of Asia.

Creation of this catalogue has caused changes and in the catalogue «children's». Some authors have removed from one catalogue to another. This change will proceed, probably, still long.

The catalogue is made by a geographical attribute. Reference of some authors to some national literature can cause some doubts — any objections are accepted to consideration. Surnames of writers arrange chronologically on years of a birth.

The Catalogue is in a stage of formation.


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