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Manet Édouard

Manet Édouard (1832–1883)

French painter, b. Paris. The son of a magistate, Manet went to sea rather than study law. On his return to Paris in 1850 he studied art with the French academic painter Thomas Couture. Manet was influenced by Velázquez and Goya and later by Japanese painters and printmakers and the objectivity of photography.In 1861 the Salon accepted his... More...

Aden/ State of Hadhramaut, 1967, Nana (E. Manet)

Ajman, 1969, Nana (E. Manet)

Equatorial Guinea, 2003, Emille Zola

Guinea Bissau, 2012, Portrait of Mallarmé

Madagaskar, 1982, Portrait of Mallarmé

Manama, 1969, Nana (E. Manet)

Manama, 1972, Portrait of Zola

Manama, 1972, Henri Rochefort

Rwanda, 1973, Emile Zola


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