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Aleš Mikoláš

Aleš Mikoláš  (18521913)

A Czech painter, master in the art of pen and ink; one of the most popular Czech painters. His paintings captured the spirit of Czech life during the turn of 19th century. Aleš was born in Mirotice near Pisek (southern Bohemia) on November 18, 1852. He attended his "main" school and later local gymnasium until the death of his mother in 1869.... More...

Czech Republic, 2001, Stamp with Alois Jirásek

Czechoslovakia, 1951, Alois Jirasek

Czechoslovakia, 1951, Fables and Fates

Czechoslovakia, 1951, The Region of Tabor

Czechoslovakia, 1951, Alois Jirasek


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