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Chagall Marc

Chagall Marc (18871985)

Russian painter. In 1907, Chagall left his native Vitebsk for St. Petersburg, where he studied under L. N. Bakst. In Paris (1910) he began to assimilate cubist characteristics into his expressionistic style. He is considered a forerunner of surrealism. After some years in Russia, Chagall returned to France in 1922, where he spent most of his life.... More...

Bhutan, 1987, Romeo and Juliet

Bhutan, 1987, Chagall's Decor for Aleko

Grenada, 1986/1987, Aleko. The fantasy of St. Peterburg

Grenada Grenadines, 1986|1987, The Aged Lion (Fables of La Fontaine)

Guinea, 2012, Aleko and Zemphira

Monaco, 1987, Chagall's Decor for Aleko


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