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Zemdega Kārlis

Zemdega Kārlis (18941963)

Sculptor Kārlis Zemdega created significant monuments. His works are laconic, usually single or two figure compositions. Zemdegas works also use allegory, which express a concrete idea and simultaneously also a universal one. His most prominent work is a tombstone for poet Rainis (1935), which provides an artists interpretation of creative activity and the human spiritual aspiration for freedom, through an allegorical image of a young man.

USSR, 1950, Tomb of Janis Rainis

USSR, 1957, Tomb of Rainis in Riga

USSR, 1974, Rainis monument in Riga

USSR, 1973.10.23, Rainis monument in Riga

USSR, 1976.05.17, Rainis monument in Riga

USSR, 1977.01.21, Rainis monument in Riga

USSR, 1984.10.18, Rainis monument in Riga


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