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Barth Carl

Barth Carl (1787—1853)

From 1805 to 1812 Barth studied under J. G. von Müller (1747 - 1830), a copper engraver in Stuttgart. At that time he worked out most of the plates for the history of painting in Italy by Riepenhausen. After that he stayed for a while in Munich, he came to Rome 1817, where he joined the closer circle of the Nazarenes. He drew several portraits and developed together with S. Amsler (1791 - 1849) his own reproduction style, following the graphic works of Albrecht Dürer and Marc Anton.

Back in Germany Barth made a contract with his friends J. D. Passavant (1787 - 1861) and K. Böhmer (c1780 - 1831) to publish a series of copper engravings after the fresco wall-paintings in the Casa Bartholdy, but a serious disagreement stopped the work. From 1830 he lived again in Hildburghausen. Here he mainly worked as a portrait engraver for the Bibliographic Institute. During his last years he became more and more depressed, and September 11, 1853 he committed suicide.

DDR, 1981, Von Chamisso


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