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Republic of Latvia
Latvijas Republika

Republic of LatviaLatvijas Republika

Republic (1994 est. pop. 2,749,000), 24,590 sq mi (63,688 sq km), north central Europe. It borders on Estonia in the north, Lithuania in the south, the Baltic Sea with the Gulf of Riga in the west, Russia in the east, and Belarus in the southeast. Riga is the capital and largest city.Latvia falls into four historic regions: North of the Western... More...

1930, Jānis Rainis and new buildings of Riga

1930, Jānis Rainis and character of play

1930, Jānis Rainis and characters of plays

1930, Jānis Rainis and Lyre

1930, Jānis Rainis and Flag

1930, Jānis Rainis and Lyre

1932, Kriva telling stories

1932, Enslavied Latvians building Riga

1932, Lacplesis

1932, The Black Knight slaughtered

1932, Lacplesis over Riga

1936, Andrejs Pumpurs

1936, Juris Maters

1936, Auskelis

1937, Monument of Lacpleses

1992, Monument of Lacpleses

1992, Monument of Lacpleses

1992, Monument of Lacpleses

1995, Lacplesis

1995, Spidola

1996, Zenta Maurina

1998, Wooden sculpture

1998, Monument of Herder

1999, Playing cards and Edgars

2000, Horse-drawn vehicle with writer

2002, The White Book

2003, The Straumeni

2004, The Times of land surveyors

2005, Illustration to product of Janis Rainis

2006, Stamp with Maurina

2006, Anslavs Eglitis

2000.04.08, Riga. Aleksandrs Čaks

2000.09.18, Riga. Auskelis

2001.10.27, Riga. Aleksandrs Čaks

2002.04.02, Riga. Spridishi Memorial Museum

2002.07.06, Riga. Janis Jaunsudrabinsh

2003.04.12, Riga. Edvarts Virza

2004.03.20, Riga. Brothers Kaudzites

2004.05.21, Vecpiebalga. The Times of land surveyors

2005.01.25, Riga. Fricis Bārda

2005.09.10, Riga. Janis Rainis

2006.10.14, Riga. Anslavs Eglitis

1991, Monument of Lacpleses


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