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Tasso Torquato

Tasso Torquato (15441595)

Italian poet, one of the foremost writers and a tragic figure of the Renaissance. Educated in Naples by Jesuits, he later studied law and philosophy (15601562) at the Univ. of Padua. Rinaldo (1562), a chivalric poem, brought him fame when he was 18; after completing his studies at the Univ. of Bologna, he received an invitation (1565) to join the... More...

Dodekanes, 1932, Torquato Tasso

Italian colonies, 1932, Torquato Tasso

Italy, 1932, Torquato Tasso

Manama, 1971, Rinaldo and Armida

USSR, 1971, Tancred and Erminia (Poussain)


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