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Rossetti Gabriele Pasquale Giuseppe

Rossetti Gabriele Pasquale Giuseppe (1783—1854)

Italian poet and critic; father of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and of Christina Rossetti. Exiled in 1821, he fled first to Malta, where he stayed for three years, and then to England, where he lived until his death. There he wrote patriotic and liberal verse in Italian and a curious study attempting to show that Dante had written as spokesman for a vast, secret, ritualistic society opposed to tyranny. He was professor of Italian at King’s College, London, from 1831 until he retired in 1845. His long romantic poem Il veggente in solitudine [the seer in solitude] was published in 1846 and his autobiography in 1849.

Italy, 1983, Gabriele Rossetti

Italy, 1983.02.28, Vasto. Rossetti


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