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Goldoni Carlo

Goldoni Carlo  (1707–1793)

Italian dramatist. He was enamored of comedy from childhood, having sketched his first comic drama at eight. He took a degree in law at Padua but thereafter devoted himself to the theater. He created a new Italian character comedy, considered artistically superior to the old commedia dell’arte. This he achieved by building on the old comedy of... More...

Bulgaria, 1958, Carlo Goldoni

Italy, 1977, Carlo Goldoni

Italy, 1993, Actors

Italy, 1993, Arleccino and portrait of Goldoni

Monaco, 2007, Carlo Goldoni

Monaco, 2009, Stamp with Goldoni

Rumania, 1958, Carlo Goldoni

San-Marino, 1993, Carlo Goldoni

San-Marino, 2007, Harlequin

USSR, 1958, Carlo Goldoni

Vatican, 2007, Goldoni, actors and Venice

Vatican, 2007, Goldoni, actors and Paris

Vatican, 2007, Carlo Goldoni

Italy, 1993.02.06, Venice. Goldoni

Vatican, 2007.06.12, Vatican. Carlo Goldoni


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