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Bernardin de Saint-Pierre Jacques Henri

Bernardin de Saint-Pierre Jacques Henri (1737—1814)

French naturalist and author. He was a friend of Rousseau, by whom he was strongly influenced. His chief work, Études de la nature (1784), sought to prove the existence of God from the wonders of nature; it is rich in descriptive passages, and it added specific color terms and plant names to the French language. A section of this was the sentimental prose idyll Paul et Virginie (1788), which attained immense vogue and influenced the French romanticists.

Mauritius, 1949, Paul and Virginie

Mauritius, 1953, Paul and Virginie

Mauritius, 1968, Dominique rescues Paul and Virginie

Mauritius, 1968, Paul and Virginie crossing the river

Mauritius, 1968, Visit of Labourdonnais to Madame de la Tour

Mauritius, 1968, Meeting of Paul and Virginie

Mauritius, 1968, Departure of virginie for Europe

Mauritius, 1968, Bernardin de St. Pierre

Mauritius, 1987, Paul and Virginia

Mauritius, 2008, Bernardin de St Piere

Monaco, 1987, Paul and Virginia


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