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Malory Sir Thomas
(? 1471)

English author of Morte dArthur. It is almost certain that he was Sir Thomas Malory of Newbold Revell, Warwickshire. Knighted in 1442, he served in the Parliament of 1445. He was evidently a violent, lawless individual who committed a series of crimes, including poaching, extortion, robbery, and murder. Most of his life from 1451 was spent in... More...

Austria, 1974, King Arthur (statue in Inndbruk)

Great Britain, 1985, King Arthur and Merlin

Great Britain, 1985, Lady of the Lake

Great Britain, 1985, Queen Guinevere and sir Lancelot

Great Britain, 1985, Sir Galahad

Great Britain, 2011, Merlin

Great Britain, 2011, Morgan le Fay

Grenada, 1972, King Arthur

Grenada, 1972, King Arthur

Jersey, 1977, Sir Galahad Statue, 1924

Liberia, 2001, King Arthur

Sierra Leone, 1986, Merlin predicating coming of King Arthur

St. Vincent, 1986, King Arthur

St. Vincent, 1986, Marlin taking baby Arthur

St. Vincent, 1986, Arthur pulling sword from stone

St. Vincent, 1986, Camelot

St. Vincent, 1986, Arthur and the Lady othe Lake

St. Vincent, 1986, Knights at the Round Table

St. Vincent, 1986, The Holy Grail

St. Vincent, 1986, Sir Lancelot jousting

Great Britain, 1985.09.03, Edinburgh. Graal

Great Britain, 1985.09.03, Glastonbury. Exibition of Celtic Legends

Great Britain, 1985.09.03, Mere, Warmister. Hand with the Sword

Great Britain, 1985.09.03, Tentagel, Cornwall. Crown

Great Britain, 1985.09.03, The Legendary Camelot. Winchester. Knights

Great Britain, 2011.03.08, Birmingham. Merlin


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