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Calderón de la Barca Pedro

Calderón de la Barca Pedro(16001681)

Spanish dramatist, last important figure of the Spanish Golden Age, b. Madrid. Educated at a Jesuit school and the Univ. of Salamanca, he turned from theology to poetry and became a court poet in 1622. His more than 100 plays were carefully contrived, subtle, and rhetorical. The earlier plays, of the cloak-and-dagger school, include La dama duende... More...

Spain, 1951, Calderon de la Barca

Spain, 1982, Calderon de la Barca

Spain, 2000, El Alcald Zalomea (Calderon de la Barca)

Spain, 2000.11.17, Salamanca. El Alcald Zalomea (Calderon de la Barca)

Poland, 1963, Decorating to The Constant Prince


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