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Benavente y Martinez Jacinto

Benavente y Martinez Jacinto (18661954)

Spanish dramatist, b. Madrid. He was awarded the 1922 Nobel Prize in Literature. His best-known play is Los intereses creados (1907, tr. Bonds of Interest, 1917), a farce written on the pattern of the Italian commedia dellarte. In 1916 he wrote a second part to this play, La ciudad alegre y confiada [the gay and confident city]. La malquerida (1913, tr. The Passion Flower, 1920), on the Phaedra theme, was popular with the public and the critics. His plays fall into four classes: social satires, psychological dramas, childrens plays, and allegorical-morality plays. He was at his best in sparkling satires of aristocratic and upper middle-class life.

Palau, 2001, Jacinto Benavente

Paraguay, 1977, Medal of Nobel prize of Literature

Spain, 1966, Jacinto Benaverte


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