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Simonov () Konstantin Mikhailovich

Simonov () Konstantin Mikhailovich (19151979)

Konstantin Simonov was a Soviet/Russian author. His full name was Konstantin (born Kirill) Mikhailovich Simonov. He was a well-known war poet who wrote a popular poem called Wait for me, about a soldier in the war asking his beloved to wait for his return. The poem was addressed to his wife, the actress Valentina Serova. It was immensely popular... More...

Bulgaria, 1977, Signatures of writers

Russia, 2001, Anatoli Papanov, film Alive and Dead

USSR, 1966, Scene from film Alive and Dead

Russia, 2001, Stamps with popular cinema actors

USSR, 1964, Scene from film Alive and Dead

USSR, 1985, Konstantin Simonov

Russia, 2005, Actor Boris Tenin as Schweik


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