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Leopardi Giacomo

Leopardi Giacomo (1798–1837)

Italian poet and scholar. Devoted to the study of the classics and philosophy from early childhood, although plagued by illness and physical and spiritual frustration, Leopardi became one of the most formidable linguists, thinkers, and writers of his time. His pessimistic view of the world became increasingly uncompromising. His Canti [songs]... More...

Dodekanes, 1932, Giacomo Leopardi

Italian colonies, 1932, Giacomo Leopardi

Italy, 1932, Giacomo Leopardi

Italy, 1937, Giacomo Leopardi

Italy, 1937, Giacomo Leopardi

Italy, 1998, Giacomo Leopardi

San-Marino, 1998, Infinity, 1819

San-Marino, 1998, A Village Saturday, 1829

San-Marino, 1998, Nocturn of a Wandering Asian Shepherd, 1822 —1830

San-Marino, 1998, To Sylvia, 1828


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