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Heine Heinrich

Heine Heinrich (17971856)

German poet, b. Düsseldorf, of a Jewish family. One of the greatest of German lyric poets, he had a varied career. After failing in business he tried law but found it uncongenial and finally turned to history and literature. His first published poems and plays established him as a young romantic. In the literary salon of Rahel Varnhagen von... More...

Bulgaria, 1956, Heinrich Heine

Cuba, 1967, Gizelle

Cuba, 1976, Giselle

Cuba, 2003, Alicia Alonso as Giselle

Cuba, 2008, Giselle

DDR, 1956, Heinrich Heine

DDR, 1956, Heinrich Heine

DDR, 1972, Heinrich Heine

Finland, 1993, Giselle

German Federal Republic, 1956, Silhouette of Heine

German Federal Republic, 1972, Heinrich Heine

German Federal Republic, 1997, Heinrich Heine

Germany. French Zone, 1945/1946, Heinrich Heine

Israel, 2001, Heinrich Heine

Kazakhstan, 2009, Zhizel, Don Quixote, Bahchisarayskiy Fountain, Legend about love

Rumania, 1956, Heinrich Heine

Russia, 1996, Scene from ballet Giselle

Seychelles, 1986, Giselle

Seychelles, 1986, Male dancer

Seychelles, 1986, Das de deux

Tanzania, 1999, Giselle

USSR, 1956, Heinrich Heine

DDR, 1956.12.17, Berlin. Heinrich Heine

DDR, 1972.12.05, Berlin. Heinrich Heine

German Federal Republic, 1956.12.17, Bonn. Heinrich Heine

German Federal Republic, 1972.12.13, Dusselorf. Heine

German Federal Republic, 1997.11.06, Bonn. Heinrich Heine

Russia, 2001, Scene from ballet Gizelle

DDR, 1981, Heine's book on Esperanto


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