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Rilke Rainer (Rene) Maria

Rilke Rainer (Rene) Maria (1875–1926)

German poet, b. Prague, the greatest lyric poet of modern Germany.Rilke’s youth at military and business school was not happy. His relations with his father were difficult, and he was able to attend the Univ. of Prague only with the help of an uncle. Married only briefly at the turn of the century, Rilke preferred an unsettled, wandering life... More...

Austria, 1976, Rainer Maria Rilke

German Federal Republic, 2000, Book Cover Design

Liechtenstein, 1993, Poem of Rilke

Nicaragua, 1995, Rainer Maria Rilke

Switzerland, 1979, Rainer Maria Rilke

German Federal Republic, 2000.11.09, Bonn. Rainer Maria Rilke


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