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Kivi Aleksis

Kivi Aleksis(18341872)

Finnish national writer, playwright, poet, novelist, the creator of Finland's modern literary language. Kivi's major novel was SEITSEMÄN VELJESTÄ (1870, Seven Brothers). Kivi was the first professional writer publishing his works in Finnish. He died in poverty at the age of thirty-eight. Aleksis Kivi was born at Nurmijärvi in... More...

Finland, 1934, Aleksis Kivi

Finland, 1970, The Seven Brothers

Finland, 1970, Juhani on top of Impivaara

Finland, 1970, The Pale Maiden

Finland, 1984, Lines from Songs of my Heart

Finland, 1997, Seven Brothers (Alexis Kivi)

Finland, 1984.10.10, Paloyoki. Aleksis Kivi


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