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Runeberg Johan Ludvig

Runeberg Johan Ludvig(18041877)

Finnish national poet. In 1837 he became a teacher of Latin and Greek at Porvoo near Helsinki. Runebergs simple and realistic style helped to check the tendency toward false rhetoric in Scandinavian literature. His first long work was the realistic peasant epic The Elk Hunters (1832). The excellent lyric epic King Fjalar (1844, tr. 1904), an unrhymed verse cycle based on Scandinavian legend, is pervaded by a sense of inexorable tragedy. The first song from Runebergs great poem on the Russo-Swedish War of 18089, The Tales of Ensign Stål (184860, tr. 1925, 1938), has been adopted as the Finnish national anthem. Like other Finnish authors of his day, Runeberg wrote in Swedish.

Finland, 1948, Johan Ludvig Runeberg

Finland, 1955, Georg Carl von Döbeln

Finland, 1955, Duncker Holding flag

Finland, 1955, Son of fallen soldier

Finland, 1985, Medal of Johann Ludwig Runeberg

Finland, 2004, Poems and statue of Johan Ludvig Runeberg

Finland, 2004.01.14, Helsinki. Goose


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