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Fadeev () Aleksander Aleksandrovich

Fadeev () Aleksander Aleksandrovich(19011956)

Russian writer. Born 11 December 1901 in Krimy on Volga, east of Tver. His father, Aleksander Fadeev, a peasant by birth, became a village teacher. But because of his revolutionary activities, he soon lost his job. The writer's mother, Antonina Vladimirovna, was a doctor's assistant. The family was forced to move around, and their stops included... More...

USSR, 1943, Infantrymen

USSR, 1943, Grenade thrower

USSR, 1965, Scene from film Young Guard

USSR, 1971, Fadeev and scene from The Rout

Russia, 2001, Aleksander Fadeev

USSR, 1961, Aleksander Fadeev

USSR, 1971, Aleksander Fadeev

USSR, 1981, Aleksander Fadeev

Czechoslovakia, 1950, Alexander Fadeev


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