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Sender Ramón José

Sender Ramón José(1902—1982)

Spanish novelist. A journalist, Sender fought on the side of the Loyalists in the Spanish civil war. He left Spain in 1938 and became a U.S. citizen in 1946. Sender’s novels, which have received international attention, are marked by profound compassion and by acute consciousness of social injustice; his early style is one of vigorous realism, while later works are in a more symbolic vein. Among his novels are Imán (1930, tr. 1934), Seven Red Sundays (1932, tr. 1936), The Sphere (1947, tr. 1949), and The Affable Hangman (1952, tr. 1954). His other works include a collection of short stories, Relatos fronterizos (1970), and Before Dawn (tr. 1958), an autobiographical novel.

Spain, 2003, Ramón José Sender

Spain, 2003.03.31, Madrid. Ramón José Sender

Spain, 2003.03.31, Zaragoza. Ramón José Sender


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