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Alas у Ureña Leopoldo

Alas у Ureña Leopoldo (1852—1901)

Spanish novelist, short-story writer, and literary critic who wrote under the pseudonym Clarín, b. Zamora. Although he began his literary career as a journalist, he later was a professor of law at the Univ. of Oviedo. He is best known for his naturalistic novel La Regenta (1884–85), an analysis of provincial life. His other works include another novel, Su único hijo [his only son] (1890), and several volumes of short stories.

Spain, 1996, Leopoldo Alas у Ureña

Spain, 2001, Leopoldo Alas у Ureña

Spain, 2001.06.13, Barcelona. Leopoldo Alas у Ureña

Spain, 2001.06.13, Ovedois. Leopoldo Alas у Ureña

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