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Swift Jonathan

Swift Jonathan (16671745)

English author, b. Dublin. He is widely recognized as one of the greatest satirists in the English language. Since his father, an Englishman who had settled in Ireland, died before his birth and his mother deserted him for some time, Swift was dependent upon an uncle for his education. He was sent first to Kilkenny School and then to Trinity... More...

Hungary, 1979, Gulliver's Travels

Irland, 1967, Swift's Bust

Irland, 1967, Gulliver and Lilliputian army

Irland, 1991, La Traviata

Irland, 2010, Gulliver's Travel

Israel, 2010, Gulliver's Travel

Marshall Islands, 2001, Gulliver and Lilliputs

Monaco, 1976, Gulliver and Lilliputs

Mongolia, 1970, Gulliver and Lilliputs

Nevis, 2000, Jonathan Swift

Rumania, 1967, Jonathan Swift

Slovakia, 2001, Gulliver on the boat

Great Britain, 1999.05.09, Kilroot. Jonathan Swift

Slovakia, 2001.08.15, Bratislava. Two mouses

USSR, 1989, Scene from film New Gulliver

Rumania, 1967, Jonathan Swift


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