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Kramer Theodor

Kramer Theodor (18971958)

Theodor Kramer, although still underrated, must be counted among the most important poets of the 20th century. The sheer richness and diversity of his work are amazing a judgement shared by writer Herta Müller who discovered Kramers poems while still living in Ceausescus Romania. The daily routine of the police state, the rhythm of interrogations, house-searches, arrests and aborted escapes, gave her a very personal access to Kramers political verse. She discovered another side of Kramer in the erotic poems he wrote late in his life. Here, undimmed lusts and physical failings meet, laughing and protesting simultaneously. The panic that accompanies love in old age is tangible.

Austria, 1997, Theodor Kramer

Austria, 1997.01.17, Niederhollabrunn. Theodor Kramer


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