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Prus Bolesaw

Prus Bolesaw(18471912)

Polish writer, whose original name was Alexander Glowacki. Prus is considered a founder of the modern Polish novel. His articles and short stories exposed the prejudice and class pride in Poland and urged the creation of a sober, cooperative, and industrious society. Pruss realistic novels include The Outpost (1886, tr. 1921), about the struggle of a Polish peasant to hold his lands, The Emancipated Women (4 vol., 1894), and The Pharaoh (1897, tr. 1902). The Doll (1890, tr. 1972), Pruss finest work, presents a broad picture of middle-class life in Warsaw.

Poland, 1947, Swietochowski, Zeromski and Prus

Poland, 1947, Swietochowski, Zeromski and Prus

Poland, 1948, Polish Culture

Poland, 1938, Boleslaw Prus

Poland, 1948, Boleslaw Prus

Poland, 1962, Boleslaw Prus, Pharaon

Poland, 1962, Boleslaw Prus, Dall

Poland, 1962, Boleslaw Prus, Placowka

Poland, 1997, Boleslaw Prus

Poland, 2011, Museum of Prus


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