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Zeromski Stefan

Zeromski Stefan (18641925)

Polish writer. Family tragedies and emotional troubles contributed to the pessimistic strain evident in his revolutionary idealism. Among his novels are The Homeless People (1900), which won a national prize, Ashes (1904, tr. 1928), which dealt with cynicism and brutality in the Napoleonic era, and Faithful River (1912, tr. 1943). Most of his works are intensely nationalistic. Much of Zeromskis life was spent in exile.

Poland, 1947, Swietochowski, Zeromski and Prus

Poland, 1947, Swietochowski, Zeromski and Prus

Poland, 1948, Polish Culture

Poland, 1964, Stefan Żeromski

Poland, 1964.09.21, Warsaw. Stefan Zeromski

Poland, 1938, Stefan Zeromski

Poland, 1948, Stefan Zeromski

Poland, 1964, Stefan Zeromski, Cinders

Poland, 1964, Stefan Zeromski, Wind from the Sea


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