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Kasprowicz Jan

Kasprowicz Jan(1860—1926)

Polish poet. His writings progressed from social revolt (e.g., From a Peasant’s Field, 1891) to poems of spiritual struggle and philosophical intensity. Among his later works are To a Dying World (1902), Ballad of the Sunflower (1908), and The Book of the Poor (1916). Highly regarded by his contemporaries, Kasprowicz was also renowned for his translations of English, French, German, and Italian classics.

Poland, 1947, Wyspianski, Slowacki and Kasporowicz

Poland, 1947, Wyspianski, Slowacki and Kasporowicz

Poland, 1948, Polish Culture

Poland, 1938, Jan Kasprowicz

Poland, 1948, Jan Kasprowicz


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