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Pannonius Janus

Pannonius Janus (1434—1472)

This orphan, born near the Danube (near the border of modern Hungary), was sent to Italy for his education by a wealthy uncle. There he attended the most celebrated school of Guarino in Ferrara which offered study in the "modern" Renaissance curriculum, that is, in the great authors of Classical Greece and Rome. Most of his poetry was composed before he was twenty years old. After studies in Italy he spent time in the magnificent court of Matthew Corvinus at Budapest, and settled into the bishopric of Pecs (in central Hungary) where he died at the age of 38. He is best known for a large collection of epigrams dealing with life among the elite of Renaissance Italy.

Hungary, 1972, Janus Pannonius

Hungary, 1972.03.27, Budapest. Janus Pannonius


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