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Văcărescu Ienachita

Văcărescu Ienachita (17401799)

Ienachita, after traveling and studying in St. Petersburg and Vienna, wrote poems inspired by Russian folk songs. He wrote the first Romanian grammar book (Gramatica româneasca, 1787). His chief poems, Amarîta turturea (Sad Turtledove) and Testamentul, reveal a high artistic level and a mastery of a rich Romanian language. Ienachita's sons, Alecu (176599) and Nicolae (17841825), also wrote poems inspired by folk songs and modern Greek anacreontics. They composed love poems and satires.

Rumania, 1955, Ienachita Văcărescu

Rumania, 1973, Ienachita Văcărescu

Rumania, 1990, Ienachita Văcărescu

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