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Rakovski (Раковски) Georgi

Rakovski (Раковски) Georgi (1821—1867)

Bulgarian revolutionary leader, writer, poet and journalist. Rakovski was one of the leaders in the Bulgarian struggle for independence from the Turks. 1861-62 he organised a Bulgarian legion in Belgrade, then travelled around Europe to gain support for the Bulgarian case. His radical views were opposed by more moderate groups in Bulgaria, but his poetry and his journalistic contributions were important for gaining the support of the younger people in the struggle against the Turks.

Bulgaria, 1929, Georgi Rakovski

Bulgaria, 1967, Georgi Rakovski

Bulgaria, 1971, Georgi Rakovski

Bulgaria, 1985, Georgi Rakovski

Bulgaria, 2005, Georgi Rakovski and Vassil Levski

Bulgaria, 1983.03.25, Georgi Rakovski


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