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Boito Arrigo

Boito Arrigo  (18421918)

Italian composer and librettist. His opera Mefistofele (1868, rev. 1875), influenced by Wagners music-drama, helped to bring about a new dramatic style in Italian opera. Its first performance, at La Scala, Milan, caused a riot, but it subsequently became very popular. Another opera, Nerone, was posthumously finished and produced by Toscanini in 1924. Many consider Boitos masterpieces to be the librettos for Verdis Otello and Falstaff. He also was librettist for Ponchiellis La Gioconda and wrote novels and poems.

Chili, 1997, Ramon Vinay in Othello

Cyprus (Turkish), 1999, Scene from Othello

Italy, 1968, Arrigo Boito, Mefistofele

Nicaragua, 1975, Givanni Martinelli as Othello

Nicaragua, 1975, Tito Gobbi in Simon Boccanegra

Portugal, 2013, Falstaff

Ras al-Khaima, 1969, Scene from Othello

San-Marino, 2001, Scene from Othello

San-Marino, 2001, Scene from Falstaff

St. Vincent, 2001, Scenes from Othello, Verdi

Vatican, 2001, Verdi and Othello

YAR, 1971, Scene from Othello (by Verdi)

YAR, 1971, Scene from Othello (by Verdi)

Zambia, 2001, Scenes from Falstaff, Verdi

Rumania, 2001, Boito and Verdi


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