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Pascoli Giovanni

Pascoli Giovanni(1855—1912)

Italian poet. Pascoli’s childhood was marked by a series of tragedies: the deaths of his parents and of five of his brothers and sisters. A radical in his student days at the Univ. of Bologna, he was subdued by imprisonment (1879) for his political activities. After completing his studies he taught classics, succeeding Giosuè Carducci as... More...

Italy, 1955, Giovanni Pascoli

Italy, 1962, The Sweet-burning Lamp

Italy, 1962, The Sweet-burning Lamp

Italy, 2012, Giovanni Pascoli and Script

Italy, 2012.04,06, Bolognai. Giovanni Pascoli

San-Marino, 2005, Face and Kite

San-Marino, 2005, Mount Titan

San-Marino, 2005, Family home and horse

San-Marino, 2005, Tower and Pascoli

Italy, 2012.04,06, S. Mauro Pascoli. Giovanni Pascoli


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