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Zeno (Ζήνων) of Citium
(c.334c.262 B.C.)

Zeno (Ζήνων) of Citium(c.334c.262 B.C.)

Greek philosopher, founder of Stoicism. He left Cyprus and went to Athens, where he studied under the Cynics, whose teachings left an important impression on his own thought. Although his works have not survived, it is known that Zeno divided philosophy into logic, physics, and ethics, and taught that the first two must serve the last. He attempted to base his stern ethical system on the metaphysical and scientific teachings of Heraclitus, Aristotle, and others, and to forge from these elements a consistent philosophy. Zeno taught in Athens at the Stoa Poecile; his followers therefore came to be known as Stoics, and his school as the Porch.

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