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Solomos (Σολωμός) Dionysos

Solomos (Σολωμός) Dionysos (1798—1857)

The national poet of Greece. Solomos was born in a family of Cretan origin, ennobled during the Venitian rule on the Ionian islands. He studied in Italy, in Cremona and Pavia, and wrote his first poems in Italian. The Greek war for independence (1821) and the release of books of popular songs of modern Greece by Fauriel (1824 & 1825) attracted him... More...

Greece, 1930, Dionysos Solomos

Greece, 1957, Solomos and composer Mantzaros

Greece, 1957, Dionysos Solomos

Greece, 1957, Zante landscape and Solomos

Greece, 1996, Dionysos Solomos and verse of poem (1824)


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