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Kollár Ján

Kollár Ján (1793—1852)

Ján Kollár was a Slovak writer (mainly poet), archaeologist, scientist and politician.
He studied at the Evangelical Lutheren Lyceum of Bratislava. He acted as a priest in Budapest, since 1849 as a professor of the University of Vienna, and several times as a counsellor to the Austrian government for issues around the Slovaks. He entered the Slovak national movement in its first phase. His museum (since 1974) in Mošovce is installed in the former granary, which was the only masoned part of Kollár's otherwise wooden birth-house. The rest of the house burned down in a fire on 16 August 1863.

Czechoslovakia, 1952, Ján Kollár

Czechoslovakia, 1952, Ján Kollár

Slovakia, 1993, Jan Kollar

Czechoslovakia, 1952.01.30, Bratislava. Jan Kollar


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