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Kukučín Martin

Kukučín Martin (1860—1928)

Slovak fictional realism reached a peak perhaps in the works of Martin Kukučín, a writer more evocative and empirical than purposefully uplifting in manner. Initially he produced stories dealing especially with the environment typified by his native village, Jasenová, in the Orava region. Probably his finest, more than a mere psychological study, is Neprebudený (The Unawakened, 1886), about a mentally defective gooseherd. His best-known full-scale novel is his Dalmatian work Dom v stráni (House on the Hillside, 1903-4), an acutely observed picture of Croatian rural life, centred about two lovers from different social classes, who, unromantically, have to part.

Czechoslovakia, 1953, Martin Kukučín

Czechoslovakia, 1982, Martin Kukučín


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