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Mrštík Alois

Mrštík Alois (1861—1925)

One of the brothers — dramatists and writers who made their mark in the history of Czech realism with their top drama Maryša and a chronicle, A Year in the Village (Rok na vsi). When writing Maryša, Alois and Vilém Mrštík were inspired by a story that took place in the village of Těšany. A large part of their work was created the Diváky village (a memorial), where Alois began to work as a teacher in 1889 and his brother Vilém lived there from 1890 onwards. Their work is commemorated by a memorial. Vilém praised the beauties of Moravian nature in an impressionist manner in a romance, A May Tale (Pohádka máje).

Czechoslovakia, 1961, Alois Mrštík


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