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Hernández José

Hernández José(18341886)

Argentine poet, journalist, and soldier. Hernández lived in the pampas as a child. He was the author of the national classic of gaucho literature, Martín Fierro (1872), and its sequel, La vuelta de Martín Fierro [the return of Martin Fierro] (1879, tr. 1936, 1948). The poem, written in colorful dialect, recounts the adventures of a wandering soldier-minstrel and glorifies the vanishing free life of the gaucho in the solitude of the Pampa.

Argentina, 1956/1959, José Hernández

Argentina, 1965/1966, José Hernández

Argentina, 1967/1969, José Hernández

Argentina, 1968/1974, José Hernández

Argentina, 1970, José Hernández

Argentina, 1972, Martin Fierro

Argentina, 1972, Spirit of the Gaucho

Argentina, 1985, José Hernández

Argentina, 1985, Film Martin Fierro


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