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Ghelderode Michel De

Ghelderode Michel De  (1898—1962)

Michel De Ghelderode was an avante-garde Belgian dramatist, writing in French. He was born as Adhémar-Adolphe-Louis Martens in Ixelles and married in 1924 to Jeanne-Françoise Gérard. He died in Brussels. Among his influences are puppet theater and commedia dell'arte. His works often deal with the extremes of human experience, from death and degradation to religious exaltation. His 1934 play La Balade du grand macabre served as inspiration for György Ligeti's opera Le Grand Macabre.

Belgium, 1982, The King on His Throne, carving by M. de Ghelderode

Belgium, 2006, Michel de Ghelderode

Poland, 1992, Red Magic

Belgium, 2006.01.23, Brussel. Ghelderode & Teirlinck

Belgium, 2006.01.23, Peruwelz. Ghelderode & Teirlinck


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