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Slaveikov (Славейков) Petko

Slaveikov (Славейков) Petko (1827—1895)

Bulgarian writer, who collected and published a vast material of Bulgarian popular poetry. The best of his lyrics and his epic poems are related to the popular poetry, and is strongly marked by his patriotism. Slaveikov was the first prominent Bulgarian lyric poet in modern times, and has had large influence on the development of the Bulgarian literary language.

Bulgaria, 1940, Petko Slaveikov

Bulgaria, 1948, Petko Slaveikov

Bulgaria, 1977, Petko Slaveikov

Bulgaria, 1977.11.15, Sofia. Petko Slaveykov

Bulgaria, 1977.11.23—30, Triavna. Petko Slaveikov

Bulgaria, 1978, Petko Slaveykov


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