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Kliment Ohridski (Климент Охридский)

Kliment Ohridski (Климент Охридский)(835—916)

Kliment Ohridski was a great educator, translator, and the first writer in the history of slovenian literature. He was an extremely intelligent follower of the great accomplishments of the two brothers from Solun, Kiril and Metodij, who led the people to the path of culture and progress. Kliment Ohridskis' work played a significant role in the development of the Macedonian culture and literacy. Especially important was the University of Ohrid, which he founded it had an enrolment of 3500 students. He wrote a book about Kiril, and is considered to be the creator of the "Kirilica", which today has been made contemporary, for the official alphabet of many people.

Bulgaria, 1929, Kliment Ohridski

Bulgaria, 1966, Kliment Ohridski

Bulgaria, 1967, Kliment Ohridski

Bulgaria, 1978, Monument to St. Kliment of Ohrid

Bulgaria, 1990, Kliment Ohridski

Bulgaria, 2008, St. Kliment Ohridski

Macedonia, 1994, Kliment Ohridski

Macedonia, 1994, Kliment Ohridski

Macedonia, 1995, Kliment Ohridski (detail of fresco)

Macedonia, 1995, Kliment Ohridski (detail of fresco)

Macedonia, 2000, Kliment Ohridski

Macedonia, 2008, Kliment Ohridski

Slovakia, 2010, Kliment Ohridski

Yugoslavia, 1961, St. Kliment Ohridski

Yugoslavia, 1986, St. Kliment Ohridski

Macedonia, 1994.09.29, Skopje. Kliment Ohridski

Macedonia, 1998.12.07, Skopje. Kliment Ohridski

Slovakia, 2010.07.28, Nitra. St. Kliment


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