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de Coster Charles

de Coster Charles (1827–1879)

Belgian author, b. Munich. His collected legends from Flemish folklore (1857), written in old French style, gained him note as a medievalist. His Contes brabançons (1861) was followed by his widely known La Légende d’ Ulenspiegel (1868, tr. 1918, 1922). This remarkable tale, written in archaic style and recounting the fabulous exploits of Till Eulenspiegel, has been compared with the Gargantua of Rabelais. However, the book derives more directly from the medieval satiric allegory on Reynard the Fox, apparently originally fashioned in Flanders.

Belgium, 1944, Till Eulenspiegel

Belgium, 1952, Charles de Coster

Belgium, 1975, Till Eulenspiegel

DDR, 1989, The Till Eulenspiegel fountain

German Federal Republic, 1977, Till Uelenspiegel

German Federal Republic, 2011, Till Eulenspiegel

Liechtenstein, 2012, Till Eulenspiegel

DDR, 1978.10.22, Magdeburg. Ulenspiegel fontain

German Federal Republic, 1977.01.13, Bonn. Owl and Mirrow

German Federal Republic, 2011.07.07, Berlin. Till Eulenspiegel

German Federal Republic, 2011.07.07, Bonn. Till Eulenspiegel


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